Tuesday, January 4

Being a Zambian Woman Might Be The World's Toughest Job

Gender inequality is a serious problem in Zambia's long-standing patriarchal society.

Zarina Geloo, of the Inter Press Service News Agency, has written "If You're in the Dock, It's Useful to Be a Man", an excellent, albeit disturbing, article exposing gender inequality in Zambian courts.

The article cites several cases in which women -- who were routinely beaten, tortured, and abused -- were sentenced to life imprisonment for killing their husbands. However, when men kill their wives -- for serving cold food -- they often received suspended or very light sentences because the court found "'...the deceased was to blame'." In another case, one judge warned a man who had killed his wife, "not to be violent when he remarried, '...because you may not be so lucky next time.' "