Monday, January 10

Bush Restricts Zambian Women's Access to Abortions

Here's something I never knew: abortions are legal in Zambia. Of course, only a very few hospitals in the country have the ability to provide this service.

Nevertheless, President Bush recently re-instated a Reagan-era directive, restricting US-funded NGOs from counseling abortions, even if the procedures are performed with non-US funds. Furthermore, 2 years ago, Planned Parenthood of Zambia lost its U.S. government funding -- amounting to roughly 1/4 of its total budget -- because of its support of abortion rights.

Last week, News Hour with Jim Lehrer featured a segment about this topic. Reporter Fred de Sam Lazaro put together a nice piece detailing abortion rights and practices in Zambia. Because it's a transcript of video footage, the read is somewhat choppy. Nevertheless, it's a short and informative piece.