Tuesday, January 25

"Excuuuuse Me, Could You Moooove Over?"

"Stock theft" -- theft of farm animals -- has become a big problem for Zambia's neighbor, Zimbabwe. Fueled by a desire for cheap meat, nearly 9000 cases of stock theft were reported in the first half of last year alone. Officials in Zimbabwe have cracked down on the activity by passing anti-stock theft legislation. Last week, for example, a Zimbabwean man was sentenced to 9 years in prison for smuggling 2 head of cattle into Zambia.

This week, "Zambian cattle rustlers" (who knew there was even such a thing?) managed to ferry 200 head of cattle across the Zambezi River. If sentenced by the same judge, the 2 men together could face 900 years in prison. Several questions leap to mind:
  1. Does 4.5 years per cow seem a reasonable punishment?
  2. Will Zambia introduce an "amber alert" system to foil cownappers?
  3. How do you get 200 cattle on a boat without attracting attention?

Ruminate on that for a while . . .