Monday, January 3

Homer Simpson Would Love Zambia

Zambian men drinking beer (image courtesy of . . . beer.

Zambians love beer -- and the cheaper the better. While a bottle of beer might cost 50 cents, local homebrews might only run you a nickle a gallon!

To supplement their meagre incomes, many Zambians have started their own, uh, microbreweries. Usually, their product is brewed from maize, millet, or honey; other industrious brewers even ferment "moonshine." In order to provide a stonger brew -- and attract more business -- a brewer will often "tweak" a recipe by adding fertilizer or battery acid.

In this article, a BBC reporter explains that a local brewer is upset because the Zambian government has "blacklisted" his brew, causing him financial hardship. The government counters that his beer is potentially lethal and his business is untaxed (and consequently, illegal).