Tuesday, January 18

Lake Kariba . . . aaahhhh

In 1960, when it was built, Kariba Dam was the largest in the world. However, 50,000 members of the Tonga tribe -- as well as countless animals -- were displaced due to the flooding of the area. A $12.6 million joint operation among the Zambia Electricity Supply Company (ZESCO), the World Bank, the Zambian government, and descendants of the Tongas is in place to correct the social and ecological catastrophe the flooding caused: they are building schools, clinics, and roads; improving agriculture and economic opportunities; and installing extra power grids.

Today, the dam provides power to Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as excellent adventure opportunities. Some of the most exciting things you can do are:
  1. Fish for bream and tiger fish.
  2. Visit Chirundu Fossil Forest, featuring fossilized trees 150 million years old.
  3. Take a houseboate holiday.
  4. Tour the hydroelectric plant.
  5. Boat.
  6. Waterski.
  7. Head to the crocodile park.
  8. Relax, and look at the water.

Kariba Sunset(image courtesy of zambiatourism.com)

There are a number of places to stay at the Lake, but remote Gwembe Safaris, with their solar panel-powered A-frames, would be my pick.