Wednesday, January 5

Oh . . . Nyau You Tell Me

Nyau is a small, secret cult. Allegedly, the Nyau sneak into villages at night, kidnap boys, and take them into the bush, where they live and train. Upon "graduation," the grown boys live in villages but must hide their "secret identities" from their neighbors; when they appear in public as Nyau, they must wear masks (hey, kinda like Superman!). has Nyau masks for auction. I've never seen them for sale before, so I bet they're expensive, but the artistry is fabulous.

Nyau mask (image courtesy of

In 3 years, I saw exactly 2 Nyau. Each time, they were standing on the side of the road, waving their arms, and generally being scary. However, I heard about their exploits often, because everyone was terrified of them. If you ever take their picture, you better run! I hear they'll steal your camera if they catch you.