Monday, January 10

"Put Your Left Foot In . . ."

If you're looking for something different to do on your next vacation, how about learning to dance? Professor Mwizenge Tembo, a Zambian sociologist living in America, has written a very interesting primer on how to dance the muganda.

Zambian Dancers (image courtesy of

The website has several great photos of Zambians dancing and making music; a detailed explanation of how the dancing is performed; and an excellent explanation of what the dancing signifies. When I do the "White Man's Dance" at the club, I never put this much thought into what I do -- I just try to keep the rhythm.

Amazingly, I know Mr. Tembos' cousins! I lived just 12 kilometers away from their village. It was a big deal when he came to visit. Small world, huh? (For more of Tembo's work, check out his book, Legends of Africa.)