Saturday, January 8

The Upside-Down Carrot

One of the most impressive and distinctive trees in the world is the Baobab, which looks as though the roots grow up, towards the sky. Livingstone described it as an upside-down carrot.

Baobab Tree (image courtesy of

There are many myths surrounding the Baobab. The truth, though, is that the Gods became angry with the Baobab, uprooted it, and punished it by sticking it in the ground upside-down.

Said to live for thousands of years, the Baobab is an extremely hardy tree that serves as reservoir (rumored to be capable of holding 45,000 liters of water), food source, healing agent (protecting against malaria), and shelter (one in South Africa served as a post office for over 100 years). I never get tired of seeing these unique trees.