Monday, January 3

Woman To Sell 2 of Her Daughters for $133 Apiece

While enjoying all the fun stuff Zambia offers, it's easy to overlook the tragedy afflicting this poor country. In order to overcome drought, famine, illiteracy, and AIDS, some Zambians feel forced to sell their own children to survive.

This article, first reported by The Independent News, tells the story of Memory, 8, and Hildah, 13, whose mother, Elvin Mudyakuvinda, is planning to sell them for $133 apiece to raise enough money to feed her other 8 children. "If anybody comes and wants them and can pay the money I need, they will take them away. It pains me that I have to do this but I have no option," their mother says. Of course, having to sell your daughters is terrible, but isn't eight years ridiculously young?

Sadly, these girls are not unique in Zambia. When I lived there, one of the girls in my village was married at age 13. Her lobola (dowery) was 1 cow.