Thursday, January 27


The address for this blog about Zambia is So, what does "yewo" mean?

There are a number of websites indicating yewo means "thank you." But to stop there is to lose much of the nuance of this cool, versatile word. Indeed, it can be translated as "thanks." However, it also means:
  • I agree
  • OK
  • I understand
  • Hello
  • Excuse me
  • Yes
  • Uh-huh
  • Bye
As you might imagine, it's never really inappropriate to say yewo. Probably the single most important translation of yewo, though, is an expression we don't have in English. We can translate it as something like "Respect to you." For example, when meeting an old man, you should say "Yewo, madala," meaning something like "Respect to you, Sir."

Thanks for checking out my blog. Yewo.