Thursday, February 17

2000 Census Reveals Widespread Goats Rearing

Goat, or mbuzi, was my favorite meat in Zambia; it's soft and flavorful. Goats were about $10/head, and could feed a small party -- or about 15 people -- easily. I don't really know why we don't eat goats in the US.

According to Zambia's Central Statistical Office:

"The 2000 Census reveals that 454,629 agricultural households are involved in raising livestock. Various types of livestock are raised with the following being raised by a significant number of households namely; cattle, goats, pigs and sheep. Most of the households raise goats, accounting for 39 percent of all livestock raising households, followed closely by cattle-raising households at 35 percent. The likely reason for households raising goats more than cattle is due to the fact that goats are less susceptible to diseases such as corridor disease, foot and mouth disease than cattle. Goats are also less costly to raise. There were very few households that raised donkeys."

Know why? You don't eat donkeys.