Friday, February 25

The Beverage You're About To Enjoy Might Be Hot!

When I lived in Zambia and wanted coffee, I always bought Malawian Coffee, because I was told it was the best. I didn't even know Zambia grew coffee. However, I recently learned of the Zambia Coffee Growers Association. This non-profit association has plantations all over the country, some of which also serve as wildlife refuges.

"Zambia's coffee growers are true pioneers: in 1980 virtually no coffee was grown in Zambia but today there are 4,000 hectares of coffee, providing employment to some 2,100 permanent staff. Seasonal employment during the harvest season (July through October) provides a further 18,000 jobs."

Two summers ago, I went on a tour of a coffee plantation in Malawi, and it was really cool. The ZCGA offers tours of the plantations it operates. You can contact them if you want a tour.