Wednesday, February 16

CR May Not CYA!

When I lived in Zambia, the most common way for me to get from Lusaka to Eastern Province was to take public transportation. The 8-hour-ride cost about $9. At the time, the most important thing was that the bus always left on time, something that rarely happens in Zambia.

I recently learned that my "preferred transporter," CR Carriers, violated Zambia's environmental laws recently when they were caught illegally dumping oil and garbage into Lusaka's drainage system. They were subsequently fined K28 million.

Upon further investigation, I see that CR Carriers has had a number of problems lately. For example:
  1. A couple in Mpika has threatened to take CR Carriers to court over their 12-year old boy who was disabled in a traffic accident involving one of the passenger transport company buses.
  2. Police have picked up three people in connection with the shooting to death of a CR Carriers Bus Service employee in a K100 million robbery. One of the trio is a former employee of the bus company.
  3. Four people died in 2001 after a CR Carriers bus collided with a Volvo truck at Katuba bridge on the Great East Road.

I have a friend who was on the bus when it hit a cyclist. Her trip was delayed about an hour while the police filled out the report. The biker died.