Tuesday, February 22

Grafting, Not Graft

No, this post isn't about corruption. It's about growing fruit trees quickly and ensuring the fruits will be high-quality.

One of the more interesting projects I worked on in Zambia involved educating local farmers about budding and grafting. It's easy and involves simple tools. Essentially, you take a small bit from a seedling and attach it to a more mature tree. As the mature tree grows, so does the seedling and the fruit it bears. If you graft an orange tree onto a lemon tree, you'll get a tree that produces some oranges and some lemons. If you bud an orange tree onto a lemon tree, you'll get lemony-oranges. From what I hear, it's possible to graft multiple fruits onto a single tree -- meaning 1 tree can produce up to 8 different fruits (from the same family) during the year.

I realized today, in reading the article, that I could have saved myself a lot of work and simply grafted my avocado trees. Oh well.