Thursday, February 3

I Wouldn't Drink It If It Were Free

Prepare for Zambia to be besieged with riots! The price of Chibuku rises today! Arrrrgh!

Chibuku is, uh, an acquired taste. Despite what you might find online, it's NOT homebrew (although some local brewers might call their homebrews "Chibuku" to be funny). Chibuku is manufactured commercially and distributed throughout Southern Africa. It comes in large cardboard containers much like oversized school-milk cartons. Often, people will spoon sugar into their Chibuku before consuming it.

If you swing through Zambia, you should try it, if only for the experience of drinking beer from a cardboard box.

Chibuku is also known as "Shake-Shake," because you "shake-shake" it before you drink it. Those clever Zambian marketing directors.