Monday, February 7

She Is The "Chambeshi River"

Women who are nicknamed "Chambeshi River" are allegedly "too wet" and have "been with too many men." Evidently, Zambian men prefer sex with women whose vaginas are very dry.

To that end, as many as 86% of Zambian women have reported willingly inserting "herbal aphrodisiacs, household detergents, and antiseptics into their vaginas before sex, to ensure they are 'hot, tight, and dry'." The reason most women give for this practice is to increase the sexual pleasure of their partners.

Although Zambia's Ministry of Health teaches that "dry sex" contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS -- becasue a dry vaginal wall is more likely to tear and allow for HIV transmission --some reports argue there is little correlation between "dry sex" and HIV/AIDS infection.