Tuesday, February 22

A Sunshiney Day

Much of rural Zambia is without electricity, and that electricity which does exist is largely hydroelectric. Of course, since power lines do not run throughout the country, hydroelectricity is somewhat irrelevant. During my second year in Zambia, my father sent me a solar panel, which provided enough energy to power 2 small light bulbs.

This week, BP awarded Zambia a solar power contract. 121 community-based organizations and 9 schools in rural Zambia will soon be getting solar panels to generate electricity for lighting, radio, television, and refrigeration. Trained installers from Lusaka will deliver, install, and train local users how to operate the equipment.

I'm not convinced that television is the most pressing need facing rural Zambians, but I'm sure that schools and CBOs will benefit tremendously from having electricity for lights and pumps.