Thursday, March 24

16 Day Southern Sail-A-Way Overland Tour: Zambia to Johannesburg

OK, so only 2 of the Sail-A-Way's 16 days are in Zambia, but it sounds like an awesome time. I'm not a big fan of overland trips, generally, but I must admit:
  1. I have been on one (in Namibia), and it was fun.
  2. I have spoken to others who have been on month-long (and longer) Overland trips, and they loved them.
  3. Overland vehicles are among the awesomest things on the planet. I don't need one in South Florida, but if I move back to Africa one day . . .

If you have extra time, maybe you can do the "24 day Tropical Trek from Zambia to Malawi & Mozambique."