Tuesday, March 8

Just Fund It!

The Nike Foundation seeks to reduce poverty and gender inequality in the developing world.

Today, in celebration of International Woman's Day, the Nike Foundation announced its support for projects "that combine innovation with tested models that inspire and mobilize support for girls' empowerment and well-being through increased economic and social opportunities." Huh? In other words, the Foundation will promote girl's education, support local women's groups, and provide women with microloans.

According to CSR Wire, last year, Nike contributed "$37.3 million in cash, product and in-kind services." Currently, projects totaling more than $5 million have already been selected for countries the Foundation has identified as having the greatest need, including Zambia.

Kudos for Nike for doing something good for somebody else. Excuse my cynicsm, but is it corporate magnanimity or a way to atone for past sins?