Tuesday, March 22

Kafue Flats

Kafue Flats are the vast, open floodplain of the Kafue River, covering some 6,500 square-km within the wider basin of the Zambezi River. The WWF is active in this area.

Close to 700,000 people live in this region and most earn their living from fishing, cattle grazing, sugarcane farming, and production of hydroelectric power.

On the south-eastern side of Kafue Flats, near the town of Mazabuka, there are several sugarcane farms, each of which cultivates huge areas of land. These farms produce the majority of Zambia’s sugar for local use and export. Each farm relies heavily on water from the Kafue River for irrigation.

In general, WWF’s main goal in Kafue Flats is to persuade traditionally non-conservation oriented stakeholders to integrate the concept of ‘wise use’ of wetlands, including nature conservation, into their own business/livelihood activities.