Tuesday, March 8

Somebody's Not Going To Be Happy (Or, Guess Dad Was Right After All)

A recent ActionAid International/Oxfam International Paper skewers the international donor community (especially Italy and the US). Some of their most damning points:
  • Less than half of aid gets spent in the poorest countries, and only 10% is spent on basic services that are critical to achieving the Millennium Development Goals;
  • 40% of aid is tied to overpriced goods and services from the donors’ own countries;
  • 80 official agencies are responsible for 35,000 aid transactions a year that are imposing a massive administrative burden on some of the poorest countries;
  • Aid conditions continue to impose donor blueprints, such as trade liberalisation and privatisation of essential services, with often devastating results for poor people.
In brief, ActionAid/Oxfam argue in favor of:
1. Making Aid Accountable
2. Making Aid Effective
3. Reforming Aid Architecture

It's an interesting, vitriolic, easy read (at only 11 pages long). Check it out.