Wednesday, March 16

Tobacco Farmers Bring Problems?

A number of white farmers have fled Zimbabwe in recent years, to escape persecution by the Mugabe government. Many of them fled to Zambia and started growing tobacco. Consequently, tobacco production in Zambia has skyrocketed. This has contributed to Zambia's GDP -- and created new jobs, as well -- but it has also had some negative effects. According to South Africa's Star:

Many Zambians say they welcome the new jobs and increased food production, but some tensions remain. "If the land is taken by foreigners then the same thing that happened in Zimbabwe might happen here," said Gilbert Chona, a teacher in Livingstone, southern Zambia. The white farmers would alienate locals if they put up electric fences and denied subsistence farmers and villagers access to the nearby Zambezi River, he said. "They have started doing that already," he said. "There have been some small riots."

Hopefully, Zambia will not make the same mistakes as her southern neighbor.